LIFE CET 2023: Nuevas oportunidades de financiación para la transición hacia la energía limpia del sector empresarial

The LIFE CET Call 2023 is now open with nearly EUR 100 million available for funding project ideas facilitating the clean energy transition of the EU economy. The deadline to submit proposals is 16 November 2023, 17:00 Brussels time. Projects are supported with a 95% co-funding rate.

In 2023, two call topics will fund the best ideas to support the clean energy transition of businesses:

LIFE-2023-CET-BUSINESS, where applicants can address one of the following two scopes:

  • Scope A: Strengthen a favourable ecosystem for energy audits and energy management systems

Proposals should strengthen national or regional ecosystems for energy audits and energy management systems, depending on the participating countries. This should be achieved by developing holistic support activities for relevant national /regional authorities and/or to companies, with a view to increasing the business relevance of energy audits and the implementation of cost-effective measures, especially by energy-intensive SMEs. Applicants should also explore the potentials of energy management systems based on performance improvement as well as measures for the cost-effective use or production of renewable energy in businesses.

  • Scope B: Fostering energy cooperation among companies

Proposals should support the creation of collaborative approaches among companies operating either in the same value chain or in proximity, with the aim to foster the uptake of energy efficiency measures and RES solutions in their business operations.

Applicants are expected to establish concrete cooperation initiatives among participating companies to test and validate the proposed approach, while identify new ways and methods of quantifying the increasing value and non-energy related benefits that companies can generate by becoming sustainable.

LIFE-2023-CET-OSS, with one scope dedicated to companies:

  • Scope D: Integrated services for the clean energy transition of businesses

Proposals should establish sustainable support structures such as One-Stop-Shops that guide companies throughout the whole customer journey of investing in energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy projects. The integrated services should aim to simplify the investment process for companies by coordinating and/or combining existing services; they should go beyond the provision of energy audits and support companies in the whole investment processes, including the engineering and implementation phase and access to finance.

Find out more about these call topics by watching the Info Day 2023 session recordings here.